Keith Richards: Talk Is Cheap (Box Set PR Campaign with Fender)

/ “The Final Five” - The Keith Collection (K5)
B R I E F 

To create PR attention to the launch of the Keith Richards ‘Talk Is Cheap’ box set using the final 5 box sets made - drawing attention to the craftsmanship and speciality of the product.


Working with BMG’s International Marketing team, the concept of ‘The Final Five’ was born - where we would display the last five box sets around the world in iconic hotels (where Keith may have had a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll history in).

The idea was to showcase the box sets as pieces of art; for this we sent each hotel a hand branded display case along with gallery card and brochure explaining the concept, detail, and craftsmanship. This was also sent out as a press release.

Assets created:

- ‘K5’ identity
- Vinyl wrap for display boxes
- Gallery brochure
- Black foam display card